美国的动物 (America’s animals) | December 22, 2014


I arrived in America and saw some of the local living things.  It was not like China.  In my city, there are people everywhere, groups of people, walking people, aimlessly walking people, those middle aged women dancing in large groups, making a lot of noise for no apparent reason.  Here, it’s rare to find more than two people out doing something.  That is, other than the squirrels.  The squirrels here have swagger.  They climb up and down the tress by the side of the road, jump in front of cars, and altogether disregard the existence of us lowly humans.  There they are in public, fighting, stealing things, totally disregarding America’s laws, grabbing someone’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and taking it to somebody else’s porch to eat.  And they never bother to clean up after themselves.  These squirrels don’t care a whit about people’s feelings.  They look down on the Americans.


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