关于美国的车 (About America’s cars) | December 31, 2014


In China, Rachel quickly learned a saying, and learned it well.  That saying is, “mountains and seas of people.”  Although this is a simple chengyu (Chinese proverb), it’s a chengyu nonetheless, which means it’s hard for foreigners to understand and remember.  But Rachel learned and retained it easily because she had opportunities to be amidst these “mountains and seas of people.”  Having experienced this, it would be hard not to understand the meaning of this chengyu.  I think if Rachel had never been to China, she wouldn’t be able to understand or even imagine how people could become a tall and sturdy mountain, how people could become a large and rolling sea, even though she’s on her way to her doctorate degree, it would be over her head.  From her point of view, it wouldn’t be scientifically accurate.  However, not only is she almost an MD, but she also totally understands this chengyu, enough to invent a new one that’s applicable to America:  “mountains and seas of cars.” See, if I even type the letters “rsrh” together, my word processor immediately fills it in as “ren shan ren hai” (mountains and seas of people).  But if I type “csch” (the initials of mountains and seas of cars), the word processor shows a few messy and random suggestions, proving that Rachel is the only American to have invented this saying.  I’m very proud.  This chengyu is prophetic.  Considering the current situation in China, there too will soon be mountains and seas of cars.


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